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Hello! I'm

Marlene Lykke Jensen

I am a multimedia designer and
bachelor in International Business Communication.

Great things never came from staying within your comfort zone.

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I am a 25-year-old multimedia design student and I am currently intern at Syddansk Innovation in Odense. My passions are communication to different target groups, video recording and editing and design in its finest form. I would love to work more with the processes of graphic design, innovation and development of visual identities.

Research and innovation
I make thorough research through interviews, surveys and self-experience to base the idea development on.

I have a minimalistic approach towards design but I'm not scared of trying out new things.

Both team player and independent
I have a drive that works with both team work as well as individual assignments. This goes hand-in-hand with my efficient and organised approach and keeping deadlines.

Besides being a multimedia design student I am bachelor in International Business Communication with English and media
My strongest competences are communication, marketing and design. Combined with proper research and my sense for detailed designs, I'm very skilled in the design/communication parts.

Half-stack web developer
I love web development and the design possibilities that follows. I have worked a lot with Wordpress during my internship at Syddansk Innovation but I am not afraid to dig into coding in order to edit something.

I appriciate good photography, video recordings, design in both print and digital and a well-drawn character sketch. I love great storytelling and I think in fact that there is always a story that should be told.


This is the start of something good.

Please, feel free to contact me through e-mail
or by calling me on the phone.

+45 60606324